Q : How old do I need to be to take a CBT ?

A : Minimum age 16

Q : How soon can a 16 year old apply for a provisional driving licence ?

A : You can apply to the DVLA for a provisional driving licence 3 months before your 16th birthday.

Q : Can I get any experience before my CBT ?

A : We offer FREE 1 hour auto taster sessions, please contact us for next availability and to book in.

Q : What bikes can I ride on a CBT ?

A : At age 16 a 50cc moped or geared bike with a maximum speed of 28mph. At age 17 upto a 125cc auto or geared motorbike.

Q : If I take my CBT at age 16 when can I ride a 125cc and do I have to take another test ?

A : On your 17th birthday you can automatically ride a 125cc moped or motorbike without having to re-take a cbt

Q : If I pass my CBT on an auto do I need another CBT to ride a manual geared bike ?

A : No a cbt allows you to ride either a automatic or manual geared bike ?, when converting its normal and safe practice to book in for a geared conversion lesson.

Q : Where do you conduct CBT's ?

A : CBT's are conducted on our DVSA approved pads at Trago Newton Abbot.

Q : How long will your cbt take ?

A : Whilst we try to complete training in one day we recognise that some people learn at different rates and in different ways. The important factor is to be safe on the road so be aware that it may take you longet than one day

Q : Are there any other types of CBT apart from a 1 day with other students ?

A : yes for varying reasons like confidence, disabilites or medical issues you may opt for different cbt format i.e. a 2 day cbt or a 1-2-1 with just you and the instructor.

Q : What does the CBT consist of ?

A : the CBT covers both theory and practice, its about preparing you and making sure youre safe to ride on the road.
    Introduction and eye-test.
    Safety clothing briefing
    Bike major/minor controls
    Bike checks, daily and weekly maintainance
    Use of bike stands
    Pushing the bike
    Starting and stopping
    Technical maneuevres, fig 8, u-turn, emergency stop etc
    Junctions and indicators
    Pre-road safety briefing
    Road ride with radios fitted on public roads under the guidance of your instructor
    De-brief session

Q : How many students are with the instructor on the road ride

A : maximum of 2

Q : What happens if I dont complete my cbt in a single day ?

A : there is no time limit on how long it takes, everybody leans at different sppeds, so it may take longer than a day, to complete you would need to come back on another day but only to re-train in the areas you need work on, further charges apply in such situations

Q : What's the start and end times for a CBT ?

A : we start at 8:45am however in winter this may be earlier, we aim to conclude approx 4:30-5:30 pm although ending times can vary depending on student ability and progress, if you are being collected then ask your instructor for a more definate pick up time after lunch

Q : What do I need to bring ?

A : your card provisional driving licence, any outstanding balance in cash, sandwitches for lunch and any bike safety gear you have

Q : I wear glasses do i need to bring them ?

A : if you need to use them for the eyesight test or riding then yes

Q : What do I need to know before I attend ?

A : you need a basic understanding of the highway code, particularily at junctions, roundabouts also roadsigns and lane markings

Q : What do I need to wear ?

A : a minimum strong jeans/trousers and strong suitable footwear ( pref ankle boots ), if you have any bike safety gear wear that. If you are unsure then please call in.

Q : Is safety gear included ?

A : yes can we provide road legal helmits, motorcycle jackets and motorcycle gloves

Q : Is there any writing to do ?

A : Completion of the bike hire form and hopefully signing your name on your CBT certificate

Q : How long does my CBT certificate last for

A : the certificate lasts for 2 years at which point you will need to re-take another CBT

Q : Do all learner moped and motorcycle riders have to complete CBT ?

A : If you passed a car test before 1 February 2001 you do not need to complete CBT to ride a moped but you do have to take a CBT to ride a motorcycle. However, if you passed your car test after 1 February 2001 and you wish to ride a moped or motorcycle you will need to complete CBT.

Q : Can I hire a bike ?

A : yes we have both 50cc automatics and 125cc geared bikes for hire.

Q : Can I use my own bike for the CBT ?

A : yes providing its road legal, has full size L plates front and rear and you bring your insurance documentation for review, note if you dont already have a current cbt you will need correspondence ( a personal letter ) from your insurer confirming you are insured to ride your bike on your cbt. Note ! insurance companies do not generally allow bikes to be ridden prior to gaining a cbt. We reserve the right to refuce a students bike for safety, legality or suitability reasons.

Q : What if I'm buying a bike from Trago2Wheels ?

A : for Lexmoto bikes, providing you undertake your cbt prior to ordering your bike we can provide you on your cbt day with a 50 voucher off your new bike.

Q : Do you offer student discount ?

A : yes, to qualify you need to email in a photo of your Totum student discount card for validation.

Q : Is there a test to do ?

A : escentially no but we do conduct an assessment of your riding skills during thr road ride from which we will determine if your riding in a coinsistent safe enough manner to grant you a cbt certificate.

Q : What happens if I'm not successful on the day ?

A : you need to re-book back in to cover the elements you have not passed, a charge is made for additional work.

Q : How do I book ?

A : To book you need to be in possession of a card driving licence, then select an available course date click here for available dates and phone our office on 01626 331546 to make a payment which confirms your booking, deposits and terms may vary depending upon individual circumstances

Q : What terms apply to my booking and cancellations ?

A : BEFORE you book you need to accept the cbt terms and conditions click here for CBT TERMS

Q : I need a replacement lost or stolen CBT Certificate ?

A : these can be provided byt he school, you will need to make an appointment and bring along your card driving licence and the 20 fee

We hope these have answered all your questions in relation to the CBT.