Our philosophy as a independant family orientated school is that we would like to you enjoy your time with us and obtain a high level of training such that you stand a good chance of passing your tests First Time !!

Category A1,A2 and A (DAS - Direct Access) courses are full licence courses
which can only be taken following completion of a satisfactory CBT.

Once passed you hold the category for the duration of your licence validity.

Course Options

To train for a big bike licence and take the following Tests (A1,A2 or A) You must have a valid Driving Licence Card, hold a valid CBT Certificate, and before taking your tests you must have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test. (BOOK YOUR THEORY HERE)

  • UK Card Driving Licence
  • Valid CBT Certificate (DL196)
  • Valid Theory Pass Certificate (needed for tests)

A1 (light) 17+ years
  • Age 17+
  • on a Machine no greater than 11Kw engine power ( 125cc )

A2 19+ years
  • Age 19+
  • on a standard Motorcycle up to 35kW - 47bhp (minimum 395cc)
If you have held A1 licence for a minimum period of 2 years you can train and take the A2 tests on the progressive route without having to re-take your theory.

A (DAS) 24+ years
  • Age 24+
  • on a Motorcycle of a minimum 40kW engine power, - 600cc
If you have held A2licence for a minimum period of 2 years you can train and take the A(DAS) tests on the progressive route without having to re-take your theory, this means you can gain a FULL A licence at age 21 ( if A2 at 19 ) and not have to wait till age 24.

Costs ?

It's a common misconception that for example a DAS course is an off the shelf fixed cost !

Q : how much is your DAS please ?

A : we need to know more about you !, read on please.

Everyone is different, they come with differing stature, riding ability, learning ability, confidence, experience, health levels, local knowledge etc, so you very soon start to appreciate that courses cannot be selected off the shelf and vary per individual.

Course length naturally dictates the cost, courses offered take into consideration the NEED TO PASS THE TESTS and ideally first time, failures can be both costly and proglonged getting a re-test.

It is also not true that doing more days than needed ( over those to get to the required standard ) will be benificial, this is both costly to the student, you will recognise your no longer learning plus the nature of tests is that there is obviously no guarantee, it's down to how you perform on the day.

U-Pass offer courses which are personally structured to the individual - that address the individuals concerns and weaknesses, therefore a training course can be anything from 2 - 7+ days.

In order to be offered a course you will be required to provide information / documents / evidence to validate your eligeability/suitability.

We can offer assessments ( on and off road ) where you are unknown to us or conduct one at the time of your CBT with us. Our courses are tailored to the students needs, this reflects in our Outstanding Pass Rates.

The course is bolstered with quality training, its aim is NOT to simply get you though the tests by the seat of your pants but instead mould you into a good safe rider, one with confidence and skills,

Better Biking for Life......

Due to the nature of bike training ( solo vehicle occupancy ) our courses are ordinarily undertaken on consecutive weekdays, where continuity is king for the student, a typical 5 day course consists of 4 days training with the M1 and M2 test day on the last day ( configuration may vary slightly ).

We don't generally train for full licences at the weekend as the traffic volume and make up is so different from the weekday ( when you will be taking your tests ).

The prices you will be quoted will include for training, bike hire and M1/M2 test fee's.


The bikes we use are chosen on the basis of "best fit" for the student and take into account a number of considerations as each student can vary in skill and stature. School bikes range in power and genrally you are expected to prove yourself and work progressively up the range until you reach your test bike, you won't simply be placed on a big bike beyond your capability.

Our range includes Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha bikes, some of which are lowered for the shorter student.

If you have a suitable bike of your own which is insured, you are welcome to use this for training and tests.


Taking a full test enables you to ride on Motorways, carry Pillions, and ride without L plates.

Passing a full test on an Automatic bike restricts you only to ride auto bikes.

To qualify for a geared course you must have taken your CBT on a geared bike, or able to demonstrate you can ride a geared bike to our satisfaction.

If you are over the age of 24 there is little point taking an A2 geared test when you consider that the training, tests and bike are probably all the same as the A category.

The school will book your training, provide hire bikes and book both your Module 1 and Module 2 tests.

We encourage you to use your own Motorcycle Safety Gear should you already have some, however we do have a range of Safety Equipment including Helmets, Jackets, and Gloves you can borrow, we do not supply Boots or Trousers, so please ensure you dress appropriately, hard wearing Jeans, and over-the-ankle Boots preferred, (not steel toe-caps)

It is recommended that you bring Waterproof Over Trousers with you should it be raining, you can purchase these relatively inexpensively from Trago / Online Auction sites and Motorcycle stores, (The soggy Biker is never a good look)

Glasses/eye test - an eye test will be required, please bring your prescription glasses/lenses with you should they be required.

Like your CBT you will be fitted with a one way helmet intercom so you can receive our instruction when riding.

Any Questions ? please do not hesitate to ask. We are here for you every step of the way...

Enquiry / Booking your bike tests

In the first instance we recommend you make contact via our Contact Page or via telephone with your enquiry, we do like to speak with our customers to be able to ascertain thier needs and answer any questions / alay any concerns.

You are welcome to contact us via social media.

We may then send you a booking form and request documents from you before finalising your booking.

The aim is for you to enjoy your course with us and hopefully pass your tests first time.......